The Colao plan, the hotels and the fascist colonies

The Colao plan, the hotels and the fascist colonies

The intervention of Giuseppe Spadafora, vice-president of Unimpresa, on the Colao plan

We tax the cash and flush out those who keep the money inside the mattress, then we organize a national fast food holding and a national hotel chain, a fascist colony model and Italy rises again. This is a summary of the Conte / Colao plan, which, incidentally, already thinks of being the President's party. I, on the other hand, say that if we want Italy to go back to being competitive, it has something else to do. Let's start by abolishing all those parasitic bodies paid by the state that deal with internationalization and with the money saved we enhance military garrisons abroad, perhaps by buying a couple of aircraft carriers. Abroad, strength and not chatter matters, America docet.

We separate the careers of the magistrates in such a way that if you are an investigator you do not find yourself being a judge. We reform the civil process by giving the parties the opportunity to concretely deal with the resolution of disputes. We reform the code of banking laws and abolish the constraints of Basel by allowing banks to do their job without having to sell policies and televisions. We take away the possibility for 13 different entities to have to express themselves in order to build the dog's kennel and we make engineers and architects responsible so that if they build on a Roman villa or facing the sea they will pay them with 30 years in prison and 35 for those who commissioned the work. Once this is done, let's start discussing a few topics. At the first point there must be a little thing, or fight without neighborhood to the mafias and corruption in public administration. Between what we recover and what we save, we are talking about 200 billion a year.

At point 2 school and university. You don't need 33 thousand degree courses including the master in positioning the cap on the pen, you need people who know how to do their job, perhaps speaking two or three languages. In point 3 small and medium-sized enterprises. We focus on the different, the small and the beautiful and this in all commercial sectors. The mega chains only serve to lower the cost of labor and to homologate the product and the consumer by massifying everything. We focus on made in Italy, on local cuisine, on cultural heritage and on the many small and large skills of our craftsmen. We do not need Anglo-Saxon management models but more Italian model management. In point 4 a nice tax reform. Flat Tax at 15% for incomes up to 150 thousand euros, three bands of income tax up to one million euros with taxation at 20%, 25% 30% from 150 to 300 thousand, from 300 thousand to 500 thousand and from 500 thousand to one million euros. Give the possibility to VAT numbers to create their own fund for membership above 10,000 VAT regardless of professional orders that can remain and cases that should be abolished.

Someone will say, but how do you do it without money? Simple, for the next two years no one pays taxes and the state issues BTPs for a trillion to thirty years. Do you see that since the second year Italy has grown by 10% per year? Are people missing to do this ?! They are missing, because all this is the task of politics and if we look carefully, the government is not capable and the opposition is not there and those who suffer in all of this are citizens and businesses.

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