The swing of the tampons in the regions of Italy. Gimbe report

The swing of the tampons in the regions of Italy. Gimbe report

How do the regions move on the pads? Numbers, comparisons and analysis of the Gimbe foundation report

There are fewer and fewer swabs. This was reported by a report from the Gimbe Foundation, according to which as many as 9 regions, despite the reopening and the promises of careful monitoring, have further moved back in testing .

Let's go step by step.


The trend of tampons, according to data collected by Gimbe , is fluctuating. From May 28 to June 10 the number of total swabs is swooping: -12.6%. By widening the monitoring window, it is possible to see how the trend of diagnostic swabs collapsed by 20.7% near the reopenings on May 4th, and then went up and plunged again by 18.1% in view of the reopenings on June 3rd.


In fact, in the last week (after June 3) the number of swabs made has risen by 4.6%, but if on the one hand the number bodes well, on the other it emerges that the increases are not homogeneous on the National territory.

According to data from the Gimbe Foundation, 12 regions and autonomous provinces show an absolute increase in diagnostic swabs, while in the remaining 9 regions the number of swabs made has further decreased.


“Testing aimed at identifying new cases, tracking contacts and isolating them continues to be not a priority for many Regions: unfortunately, in the management of this phase of the epidemic, in particular where the spread of the virus does not it seems to give respite, the 3T strategy is not adequate ”, criticizes the president of the Gimbe foundation, Nino Cartabellotta.


Fortunately, the reduction of the tampons corresponds to a backward movement of the virus, at least to look at the numbers of intensive care. Also in the last week (4-10 June) there is a reduction in the load on hospitals (-24.8% hospitalized with symptoms) and intensive care (-29.5%). Infections slowed (+ 0.8%) and, to a lesser extent, deaths (+ 1.5%).

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