Tim, what will happen to the first first “Smart Spaces Hackathon” with Google

Tim, what will happen to the first first

Tim with Google Cloud launches the first "Smart Spaces Hackathon" from Thursday 2 July to Sunday 5 July, a real marathon of innovation. All the details

Tim, in collaboration with Google Cloud and Codemotion, launches the first "Smart Spaces Hackathon" starting from Thursday 2 July to Sunday 5 July, a real innovation marathon involving the entire innovation community in the country, from startuppers to software developers, from digital designers to marketing experts and many others.


The aim of the event will be to design new intelligent spaces, or innovative services to improve the places where we live, with particular attention to the new scenarios related to the discontinuities introduced by the Covid-19 emergency.


During the hackathon – reads a note from Tim – “participants will be invited to test themselves by designing new solutions for the home, offices and exteriors, using the most modern Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Internet of Things features made available by the Tim Digital Business Platform, the Tim software platform that can be easily used by developers and with “ready to use” functionality thanks to a set of specific programmatic interfaces (Application Programming Interface) and the Google Cloud platform, the suite of Google cloud computing. "


In detail, the program is divided into five areas in which participants will have to conceive and create new models: Home, for the environments in which we live; Office, the spaces in which we work; Public Spaces, common spaces, cultural places and tourist attractions; Retail, the production, delivery and sale processes of businesses; finally Care Residence, to explore the value of technology in the context of assistance to people in difficulty.


The initiative is part of the activities of TIM WCAP, the Group's open innovation program for startups and SMEs. Born in 2009, the program is now increasingly oriented towards promoting business initiatives to enrich TIM's digital service offering.


In the coming weeks, a jury made up of TIM and Google Cloud professionals will decree the five winning teams, who will receive an award worth € 5,000 each in the award ceremony on July 23rd. The winners will also be able to activate a collaboration with Tim to develop their projects. Particular attention will be paid to projects that will enhance the issues of sustainability and inclusion, fundamental elements of Tim and Google Cloud 's vision on the theme of innovation which is at the heart of the recent technological partnership signed between two groups. In this sense, a special mention is reserved for those projects that stand out in this area.

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