Waste, what associations and unions propose to the government

Waste, what associations and unions propose to the government

Nunzio Ingiusto's point on the waste emergency

To the government, which promotes the circular economy, we remind you that without a new waste law the circle can never close.

To keep attention high on a central sector of the Italian system there is a large group of trade associations, entrepreneurs, unions.

After the letter on the waste-to-energy plants of the president of the Federation of environmental companies, Fise-Assoambiente , Chicco Testa, to the Minister of the Environment Sergio Costa, there is also a "joint memorandum-notice". An appeal drawn up by Utilitalia, Fise-Assoambiente, Confindustria Cisambiente, Legacoop production and services, Agci services, Confcooperative work and services, and the trade union organizations Fp Cgil, Fit-Cisl, Uil Trasporti and Fiadel. All willing to face, more than is being done in parliamentary committees, a new law on the waste cycle. A fundamental element also for the energy system, where non-polluting energy is obtained from waste.

If the government had forgotten it, the Memorandum recalls that Italy must hit new objectives proposed by four European directives on the circular economy. The country still has a fragile system aggravated by the health emergency since Covid-19 . These weeks have highlighted a shortage of storage, as well as that of the plant and the consequences on the continuity of the service, the organizations write.

In Calabria, yet another waste emergency has exploded. It takes important work both from the management companies and from the institutions to arrive at an independent regulation and support investments and virtuous management. Why not use the money that will come from the European Union in various forms? But how many investments do you need?

The requirement to reach the indicators of the European directives is 10 billion by 2035. A good figure for anaerobic digestion plants for organic waste, platforms for the recycling of paper, glass, plastics, metals, sludge recovery, for the desired waste-to-energy plants for non-recyclable urban waste and recycling waste.

A list of things to do that is not seen in the bombastic post-Covid decrees, while Costa in Campania said that certain environmental and remediation decisions belong only to the Regions. "The circular economy, indicated as a pillar of the Green Deal at European level, does not emerge with equal importance in the proposals for Italian measures – wrote Edo Ronchi, president of the Foundation for Sustainable Development and former Minister of the Environment – that the picture is rather limited. The tax credit envisaged by the Transition 4.0 Plan to support financing for the transition to the circular economy – to mention the most important measure – is in fact set at a low level, of 10% of the investment. In essence, a series of announced actions that who knows when and how they will become reality. And that not even the control room proposed in the "Common Memorandum-Notice" will perhaps be able to unlock. The knot to be solved is a certain idea of ​​the future, of useful infrastructures, of concerted and serious reforms. A knot that binds government left, visionary ministers and electoral interests. Unfortunately.

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