What Aeneas will do to decarbonise Europe

What Aeneas will do to decarbonise Europe

ENEA is also part of the EU project to facilitate the transition to clean energy

If politics in Italy moves slowly on topics of great interest, not so its research centers.

ENEA researchers will participate in the EU Entrances ( Energy TRANsitions from Coal and carbon: Effects on Societies ) project for the transition to clean energy.

A project to support policy makers, institutions and businesses with analyzes and assessments of the economic and social impacts of the transition to a decarbonised economy.

Energy TRANsitions from Coal and carbon: Effects on Societies enjoys European funding in that mega container for the future which is the Horizon 2020 plan.

In the field 14 partners from 12 countries, including Enea and Knowledge and Innovation (K&I) for Italy and the University of Coruña (Spain).

Three years of work during which data will be collected in each country. Then the drafting of guidelines to mitigate the impact of the energy transition on communities.

In Italy it is known that there are areas with a strong carboniferous vocation. In fact, there will be two case studies: the transformation of the former mining sites in the Sulcis Iglesiente in Sardinia and the disposal of two coal plants in the province of Brindisi.

Decarbonisation lies in both the European and Italian green deals. In both contexts, however, the effects of the reduction in production, the reconversion of the plants and – not least – the consequences on employment must be carefully and thoroughly evaluated.

How much social and political force bring similar changes – as well as to the environment – the story of the former Ilva of Taranto expresses it well, but in Sardinia the abandonment of coal in the next ten years already discounts a series of local oppositions . Scenarios that at Enea know.

Decarbonisation “risks taking dead ends when it does not take into account the specificities of individual territories. In this sense, the Entrances project proposes itself as a catalyst for solutions and methodologies developed on the basis of real data that can facilitate the environmental and energy policy of the whole European Union ", explains Elena De Luca, of the Enea Energy Technologies Department.

Enel, the Region of Sardinia, the Province and Municipality of Brindisi, the Legambiente, the University of Cagliari and the National Technology District on Energy (DiTNE) have shown interest in studying the adaptation strategies of a territory to move to new sources.

A qualified and obviously interested cluster, but also anxious to know what will seriously happen when the study has to be done

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