What Fincantieri Marine Group does with US politicians

What Fincantieri Marine Group does with US politicians

The US subsidiary of the shipbuilding giant led by Bono, Fincantieri Marine Group (Fmg), paid contributions to politicians for 27 thousand euros. Here are the activities of Fmg

Last year Fincantieri Marine Group, the US subsidiary of Fincantieri, paid around 26,800 euros to political parties in the United States. As reported by Radiocor , the Italian parent company reported this in written replies to the shareholders published in view of the financial statements meeting held on June 9 behind closed doors for the emergency linked to Covid-19.

"Fincantieri does not make any payments to Italian or foreign parties, political or political foundations and has no claims against them," writes the Italian shipbuilding multinational in its reply. Different rules, however, for the US subsidiary, led by Dario Deste, one of the main manufacturers of medium-sized ships in the United States.

Here are the details on the activities of Fincantieri Marine Group.


Fincantieri Marine Group includes three shipyards: Fincantieri Marinette Marine designs and manufactures military ships and in particular the Freedom class Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) for the US Navy; Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding, shipyard at Sturgeon Bay, focused on the construction, repair and conversion of merchant ships and offshore support vessels and Fincantieri ACE Marine, a production site specialized in the construction of small and medium-sized aluminum boats for the US Coast Guard and manufacturer of Response Boat-Medium.

As AnalysisDifesa recalled, "since 2008 the company has invested more than $ 180 million to modernize the three construction sites in Wisconsin, hiring and training more than 1,000 people since then, with an overall workforce at the three sites of approximately 2,500 people in addition to an armature of more than 350 contractor firms ".


During the webinar "Covid-19 and resilience: restarting from industry" organized by Rid magazine, the CEO of Fincantieri Giuseppe Bono (in office since 2002) recalled how "the acquisition of the Marinette Marine shipyards in Wisconsin in 2008/2009 , in the midst of the financial crisis and criticized by many, it proved to be a far-sighted choice that contributed to the victory of the race for the future FFG (X) frigates of the US Navy " .


At the end of April, the Marinette Marine Corporation was awarded the tender for the supply of a US Navy worth 800 million frigate. The contract provides for the option of another 9 for a total value of 5.5 billion dollars.

“Here we showed that the way the US Navy operated was wrong, because the prime contractor was not who built the ship (like Lockheed Martin in the case of the LCS program). The shipbuilders were invited to the tender for this new frigate ”.


In 2010, the US Navy assigned the LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) program to FMM, as part of the partnership between Fincantieri and Lockheed Martin, a world leader in the defense sector.

It is one of the main naval shipbuilding programs and is connected to a new generation of medium-sized surface ships. These ships are designed for coastal surveillance and defense and perform deep water operations.

The program involved 52 ships, including 28 to the Lockheed Martin consortium with Fincantieri and the other 28 to Austal Usa. In these 10 years Fincantieri Marinette Marine has had 16 LCS from the US Navy, plus 4 others commissioned for Saudi Arabia.


In December, the US Navy awarded a multibillion-dollar order for the construction of four Multi-Mission Surface Combatants (MMSC) units to Saudi Arabia to the consortium led by Lockheed Martin, which includes FMM. Fincantieri will build the ships at the Marinette shipyard. The contract is worth approximately $ 1.3 billion for Fincantieri Marinette Marine

To date, therefore, Fincantieri has received orders for 20 ships, 9 of which delivered to the States.


Moreover, last November Fincantieri had already strengthened its American shipyards in view of the possible award of the FFG (X) contract. As Aurelio Giansiracusa wrote on AresDifesa , “Fincantieri will invest 100 million dollars in the main of its three US plants, the Fincantieri Marinette Marine (FMM). To this figure will be added an additional 30 million dollars allocated by the State of Wisconsin, where the three plants are located (besides FMM, Ace Marine and Bay Shipbuilding). Currently, Fincantieri in consortium with Lockheed Martin, is engaged in the construction of the Littoral Combat Ship, the improved Navy Lighterage System, mine countermeasure units as well as the US Coast Guard icebreaker units. In addition, the construction and fitting out of the four light frigates derived from the LCS for the Saudi Arabian Navy began. "

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