What will be the effects of Boeing and Atr on Leonardo

What will be the effects of Boeing and Atr on Leonardo

The speech by Michele Zanocco, national secretary of FIM Cisl, on yesterday's meeting with the top managers of Leonardo's Aerostructures Division

Yesterday a meeting was held with Leonardo's Aerostructures Division to analyze the situation of the 2020 workloads and the related effects for the Italian sites.

The fallout from the pandemic crisis has severely affected the civil transport sector and the major international manufacturers (Boeing, Airbus, Atr) have already been forced to reduce deliveries and suspend some production lines also due to the impossibility, at times, of delivering vehicles already produced.

In the specific case of the Division, all civilian programs will see contractions, albeit diversified, relating to the volumes expected for 2020. A greater contraction will concern Boeing insisting the latter on long-range aircraft more affected than the medium-range Airbus ones in production at the sites Italian.

As regards ATR, a significant reduction is expected in the second half of 2020 caused on the one hand by the low price of oil and on the other by customers who are normally excluded from the margins of international government support. Finally, military production did not slow down thanks to the definition of long-term programs not reviewed by the purchasing countries.

This leads overall to a contraction of 24% of the total hours that can be developed with impacts that translate into a plan of collective closings, additional to the planned holidays, equal to 21 days for Pomigliano (Atr Fedex and B767 11 days), 21 days in Nola (A321 10 days and JSF zero), 21 days in Foggia (excluding JSF) and 31 days in Grottaglie. The closure plan presented by the company, which will then be dealt with at the site level, envisages total day closings normally coinciding with the start / weekend and an extension of the collective closings in August and the Christmas period.

Even in consideration of this difficult situation, the company has communicated its intention to continue the training and expansion of LPS which has seen important results at the Pomigliano site involving 376 workers and employees: the latter contributed to the development of actions improvement and allowed the company to save around € 25 million per year.

The investment program, which is important and economically significant, is confirmed in all projects such as TOP, NEMESI, CAPITANATA and Aerocampus as well as 3D printers to which are added developments and technological adjustments on production lines starting from ATR and recovery actions on suppliers and warehouses. These actions will lead to the internalisation of all possible activities which will also concern those developed in China for Atr; the process will materialize in 2022. Finally, commercial actions with Comac, Strata and Thales continue, an important innovation which involves the construction of cells for satellites.

Finally, the company announced that the value of the 2019 Result Bonus that was achieved at the Aerostructures Division sites will vary between 96.8% and 100% of the maximum achievable value.

Territorial meetings will be held in the coming days which will be functional on the one hand to an in-depth analysis of the results of the PDR and above all of the effects of the production contraction expected in the second half of the year. Precisely to avoid heavy relapses to workers, at the end of the divisional meetings program, a national table will be held to identify the tools to support the management of the crisis phase, to safeguard not only employment but also the income of female workers and Leonardo Aerostructures workers.

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