What will be the role of gas in the post Covid relaunch? Speak Bessi

What will be the role of gas in the post Covid relaunch? Speak Bessi

We need a "Ponte Morandi style" plan for the post-pandemic revival in Italy, also for energy and therefore for gas. Start Magazine conversation with Gianni Bessi, Pd regional councilor in Emilia-Romagna and author of the book “Natural gas. The energy of tomorrow ”(Innovative Publishing)

There are no arguments that cannot be transformed into a narrative. Natural gas – and more generally energy – does not escape the rule, as Gianni Bessi has shown in a series of interventions, entitled House of Tsar and published by us in Start Magazine . Now the stories of the powerful of the earth struggling with the competition to excel in the energy market have been collected in a volume published by GoWare .

Bessi, how are the greats of the earth doing with this pandemic?

Coronavirus, but it would be better to say the health response to the pandemic, has created unprecedented conditions that are putting the decision-making mechanism in difficulty, often also changing the places where choices are made. The House of Tsar fly must change its plans at least until we return to the pre Covid-19 status quo.

And who will he deal with in the future?

Of the governors of the Italian regions, for example. I do not know how much the new protagonism of the Regions has been perceived, whose usefulness was questioned until a few months ago. Let's name two: Bonaccini and Zaia were, even more than the prime minister, those who occupied the media communicating a positive image of what they were doing and why.

And what does this entail?

Greater consent autonomously determines greater power. The exit from the emergency, which will not be easy or painless, must take place in concert between the state and the regions, with the latter having to put needs, priorities and plans on the table. I expect finally courageous decisions, also because if we continue to stall we will not be able to recover our economy.

So a new House of Tsar series is on the way, then?

With a joke, like the TV series that inspired the title, House of Tsar also needs more seasons to be able to deal with all the themes that are within its reach. It is appropriate to put a new edition in the pipeline.

Going back to the need to make courageous choices, what should be done now?

The secretary of the Democratic Party Nicola Zingaretti said it well: we must focus on a new model, sustainable both environmentally and socially. And in order to do it, you have to agree. Many evoked the image of the war when the first measures to combat the pandemic were decided. I don't think it's correct, for reasons that make sense to speak in another context, but certainly an 'end of war' spirit is needed to start again. Those solidarity and vitality that allowed post-war reconstruction and transformed Italy into the second largest manufacturing country in Europe. A fact that I wish we always remembered.

And in practice what tools are needed to restart solidarity?

Counter-cyclical interventions that can slow down growth and prevent permanent impacts on employment must be defined 'quickly'. Investments, bureaucratic speeding up, hierarchy of public interventions. The huge resources that we will be able to obtain thanks to the agreements within the European Union are an opportunity not to be wasted: priorities must be lined up, focusing on actions that can support businesses and work.

But the skills and boundaries within which to operate will also have to be established.

Certainly. But we have seen in recent months the efficiency of a new model of governance, which is a continuous comparison between the territories and those who have the task of deciding, with local institutions that become the instrument of connection between, in fact, the needs of citizens and places where these must be answered. What we absolutely must avoid is to return to that model of asphyxiating politics to which we have become accustomed, which lives and ends in sterile debates or, worse, controversy.

In Italy it would be an epochal change …

But it is precisely an epochal change that we need, if we do not want to become irrelevant both in Europe and in the world. If we were in an episode of House of gas, the fly would fly to the rooms where the managing directors of our 'champion nationals' gather, to use a popular French expression.

And what speeches would you listen to?

Worried. Because the post-pandemic, which could be an opportunity to change gears, without a new push, a new political will could instead become the definitive curtain for the Italian system. And that it is time to tackle the issues on the appropriate scale and above all, while guaranteeing maximum democratic participation, by deciding. And carrying on decisions without starting from scratch every time a parliamentary majority changes or a government reshuffle takes place. You need a deep state of behavior. And you need to be connected to the European system.

An example of these decisions?

The temporary suspension of some rules and constraints that today slow down investment considerably: I am thinking of some passages of the procurement code, of the ANAC procedures or of some European requirements. Let's call it, if we want and also because we like to give names to the shares, 'Piano Morandi': that is, to put the economy in a position to move quickly and efficiently, just as happened for the reconstruction of the Genoa bridge. We create a 'country strategy' that mobilizes resources and allows us to put the technical and operational skills to work in which, believe me, we are second to none in the world, with the aim of restarting and at the same time transforming the industrial fabric in the sign of the circular economy and sustainability.

What is the role of natural gas in this scenario.

Basic. It was before, it is now and it will be tomorrow too. To prove it, it is enough for me to mention the potential of my city and my territory. Ravenna, and with it the Adriatic area, is a natural platform where the activities related to natural gas, green energy and green materials made in Italy coexist. A hub for the circular economy where Eni must play an even more important role, together with others of course, to accompany companies in the oil & gas district to develop even more plant engineering skills connected to the green economy. There are no alternatives: the future is either in this direction or it will not be.

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