What will Sace do in the Pact for Export

What will Sace do in the Pact for Export

Signed by Rodolfo Error, president of Sace, a partnership promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the aim of relaunching Italian exports and the competitiveness of Italian companies in the world. Facts, numbers and goals

A pact to restart Italian exports as soon as possible, one of the main drivers of economic growth in our country, and promote Made in Italy in the world. To act as a flywheel, the 200 billion euro in support of exports required by the Liquidity decree .


This is the objective at the center of the partnership signed today by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Luigi Di Maio, with the main representatives of Italian institutions and companies, including Sace with President Rodolfo Error, signatory of the Pact.


"Sace is once again committed to supporting Made in Italy in the world through the signing of this pact, an important element to lay the foundations and work together with a new model of internationalization for Italy – said Rodolfo Error, president by Sace. We are ready to exploit the 200 billion euro to support exports under the Liquidity Decree and to make the most of the new paradigm shift that will see us become an operator account state, like all the Export Credit Agencies of the large exporting countries. In this complex moment, it is the duty of the institutions to direct all resources and capabilities towards a hoped-for national economic recovery, to which exports will certainly make their contribution ".


Made in Italy can count on "unprecedented" financial support thanks to the 394 fund for internationalization and the reform of the public export insurance system which has released up to € 200 billion in guarantees, Roberto Gualtieri said today , Minister of Economy and Finance, at the presentation of the Export Pact in progress at the Farnesina. "The reform of the component of financial support for exports is particularly relevant", the minister recalled, underlining how the new guarantee mechanism will allow "to identify in a concerted and shared way strategic priorities (…) and to reach a wider audience of "enterprises. Now Italy has available "more important and more significant financial levers, a more incisive strategic coordination capacity and the possibility of fielding actors are not just state". It is, in short, a "great pact for exports" that has put in place new tools and a working method to ensure the success of "one of the most important elements of the development and prosperity of our country".


The Pact for Made in Italy provides for a "new strategy for the internationalization of our production system. A strategy certainly ambitious, but solid, " he told the foreign minister Luigi Di Maio to the presentation of the plan to export to the foreign ministry. It is, he explained, "a strategy of public support for companies facing international markets, which will be able to count on extraordinary resources made available by the government to give the production system a new impetus". This strategy "is based on six pillars," explained the minister. Starting from the "communication, because the restart can not be separated from the start of a great national re-branding". The other priority lines of intervention will be: training and information, e-commerce, the fair system, integrated promotion, subsidized finance.


During the first 4 months of 2020, Sace did not miss its support for Italian exports: in fact, the commitments approved by Sace went from 2.6 billion to 5.9 billion euros, marking an increase of 130% compared to the previous year, which translate into support for the business of Italian companies in foreign markets, underlines a note from the Sace-Simest group : “A growth trend confirmed also by the number of operations supported (+ 17%) and by the month comparison over the month, with additional 700 million made between April and March, despite the economic situation. Despite the contraction of the national economy, the number of supported companies is also increasing (+ 3% compared to April 2019), in particular in the SME segment, equal to over 80% of the total companies served with the broad and diversified range of Polo's insurance-financial solutions. The volumes were driven by the operations approved in support of the export activities of Italian companies (+ 157% compared to the same period of 2019) ".

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