Why did Conte fall in love with the state of emergency? 7 hypotheses

Why did Conte fall in love with the state of emergency? 7 hypotheses

Why did Giuseppe Conte insist on the extension of the state of emergency? The deepening of Daniele Capezzone for the newspaper La Verità

Why did Giuseppe Conte insist on the extension of the state of emergency?

Truth has identified – hearing several bells, some favorable and others politically hostile to Conte – 7 possible consequences of this choice, of which at least 5 are very worrying.

The first justification is all in all acceptable. The state of emergency is the technical precondition for the adoption of some administrative measures that should become necessary, and probably not destined to be contested, when they are hired: for example, limiting the access of citizens from countries at risk.

The second possibility that the state of emergency allows is specially valued by Conte's supporters. With this legal umbrella – they emphasize – a technical instrumentation is immediately available to Regions and local bodies should the establishment of red areas and limited territorial limitations be necessary, avoiding the misunderstandings of the first wave.

With the third reason, we enter an area of ​​strong concern. The state of emergency allows not only the adoption of limited red zones, but allows the government to decide on a new generalized lockdown. It is clear that such a weapon would give the final blow to an already gasping economy.

The fourth card available to Conte takes us back to the topic of public administration purchases. But there is much more at stake than is said, other than masks or school desks. The theme is to generalize the commissarial regime managed by Domenico Arcuri, and – in fact – structurally move the control room of public purchases closer to Palazzo Chigi and further away from the Mef and Consip. The irritation from the parts of via XX Settembre is already enormous, and the technostructures linked with a double thread to the Democratic Party are not at all happy with this drift.

The fifth element has to do with other government leaders. The state of emergency is in fact the prerequisite for economic interventions that Palazzo Chigi and the left wing of its coalition are very fond of : prolonging smartworking , further increasing the objective gap to the detriment of self-employed workers and the private sector, exposed to economic risks increasingly serious, from which public employees will be largely protected.

The sixth reason that led Conte to this choice is purely political: to impose in September an election campaign for the anomalous regional, low intensity and low degree of popular physical involvement. One way to weaken the consultation, and – one deludes oneself at Palazzo Chigi – to mute any negative results for the Giallorossi.

The seventh and final element is perhaps the most disturbing of all: the state of emergency as a justification for a crackdown on the level of public order, compared to the possibility of demonstrating. Conte is well aware that the economic crisis can lead to social unrest, and there is fear that someone whispered in his ear the opportunity for management under the banner of prohibitions. Serious mistake: pressure cookers can also burst.

(excerpt from an article published in the newspaper La Verità )

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