Why Stefano Parisi tossed Corriere della Sera on Korea and lockdown

Why Stefano Parisi tossed Corriere della Sera on Korea and lockdown

"Seoul closes, the South Korea model has caught on," writes Corriere. All true? No, Stefano Parisi writes on Facebook

"Seoul closes, the South Korea model has caught on," writes Corriere . Here is the classic example of Italian journalism. Satisfaction with the failure of others, never look at reality objectively, never make the effort to analyze the numbers. Great satisfaction because we have enhanced the "Italy model" and opposed the South Korean "track, head and care" model. We do not! We have kept our country closed more than the others, we have safeguarded the right to privacy of the Italians, we have avoided making unnecessary swabs: other than South Korea, we are heroes, we are democrats, we are an example for the whole world !

Yet South Korea (51 million inhabitants) with the system of making carpet swabs, isolating and tracking the positives, even asymptomatic, and possibly treating them at home or in dedicated residences, avoiding crowding in hospitals, recorded 11,344 cases since the start of the pandemic, with a total of 269 deaths. It happened that 79 new cases were registered yesterday. The South Korean government has identified the viral source in a storage warehouse west of Seoul. He thus put a part of the city back into lockdown, 4,000 workers and visitors to the warehouse were put in solitary confinement and 80% of the possible infected were tested.

The numbers in Italy (more than 60 million inhabitants) as of yesterday are: 231,732 total cases, 33,142 deaths and 593 new infections yesterday. In Italy we have no idea which areas the virus can spread to and in some areas of our country the situation is still completely out of control. The truth is that what happened yesterday in Seoul demonstrates the effectiveness of the "track, head and care" model.

The virus is not eradicated in any area of ​​the world, not even in South Korea, of course. But it is precisely that model that has minimized the number of deaths, has allowed economic activities to be maintained with an infinitely less impact on GDP than in Italy (-0.2%, against -9%), and above all it allows to identify promptly the possible new sources of contagion, and therefore to isolate them, close and test all the people who came into contact with the contagion. If the Italian press stopped exalting the confused, uncertain and fragmented "Italy model" and analyzed the solutions adopted by democratic countries with a little humility, perhaps we could see the light at the bottom of this long and dramatic tunnel.

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